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    About Us

    Southern Christian Services on the coast offers programs such as foster care/ adoption, prevention (parenting classes), respite & post adoption.

    -FOSTER CARE/ADOPTION Program places children in foster or adoptive homes. We believe that every child has the inherent right to the security and stability of a permanent home. For those children who cannot stay with their biological families, permanent ties to new families must be established. Services are provided to both the foster/adoptive parents and the child to establish their new, permanent relationship. Services are free.
    -POST ADOPTION program is to strengthen and support Mississippi adoptive and foster families to insure the safety, permanency, and well-being of the children and youth who are placed with them. We know that no one adopts a child thinking that one-day circumstances become overwhelming. Issues may arise because of trauma the child has suffered and we want to support you during those times.
    -PARENT STRONG is a community-based child abuse and neglect prevention program designed to help parents by educating and empowering them to create safe, stable, nurturing and healthy environments that protect children from violence and maltreatment.
    -RESPITE is a planned opportunity for resource/adoptive parents to take a break with the goal of strengthening and supporting their family. Respite can be provided by a family member, friend, neighbor, church member, or even from someone in the community who you may not know personally, as long as they have become a certified respite provider through Southern


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