• Waldorf University ''Member to Member'' Discounts and Scholarships

    Offer Valid: 10/23/2023 - 10/28/2024
    Reach Your Potential Online!
    What does Waldorf University offer Chamber members, their employees/volunteers, and even family members?

    • Waived application fee.

    • No fees for textbooks.

    • No ACT, SAT, GRE, or GMAT requirements for online programs

    • 10% online tuition discount for members, volunteers, employees, and all family members.

    • Online scholarship opportunities for members, employees, and volunteers.

      • Waldorf Learning Partner Scholarship: 2-year, 60 credit hours.

      • Awarded every two months - apply any time of the year.

    • Other various scholarship opportunities are listed at Scholarships | Waldorf University.

    • Online college courses for dependents (High School Juniors and Seniors) via the Waldorf University StartPoint 


    Attend online classes with regular college students:

    • All Waldorf online courses are 8 weeks long and 100% online.

    • Do online course work during allotted school time or at home, on the weekends, and/or during summer break.

    • Eligible to register for one online course every 8 weeks.

    • Receive 3 credits for each successfully completed online course:

      • Waldorf University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a regional accrediting body.

      • Credits will roll right into a degree program after high school.

    • Flat "all-in" rate of $250 per online StartPoint course.

    Waldorf University Campus Scholarship:

    Any partner employee, member, spouse, or dependent child who wishes to attend in-person/on-campus in Forest City, Iowa is qualified to receive a $15k scholarship that will renew annually while attending on-campus:       

    • Scholarship is contingent on campus application and acceptance.

    Waldorf University was established in 1903 with a physical campus located in Forest City, Iowa. The online department is headquartered in Orange Beach, Alabama, and the Director of Outreach is retired Air Force and a resident of St. Martin, Mississippi. We are here to help you achieve your educational goals!

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